Blackberry Curve 8320

Definition of a smart phone does not follow hard and fast rules except for their functional aspect which enables the user to make smart moves. A smart phone is one that is built in a way to empower users with the tools to do multiple tasks at the same time in a seamless manner. Where the increasing array of mobile phones by different brands is giving tough time to competitors, at the same time it is confusing for a user to decide which smart phone to prefer over the other. However, making such a decision is not a daunting task if you know how a blackberry curve 8320 is built and what it has to offer you as a smart phone.Blackberry 8320 is the third addition to the curve series after the cell phones of 8300 and 8310 series. Like the previous models of curve series the new curve member is loaded with same powerful tools that make it a smart choice for business users especially and general users generally. What differentiates 8320 from the predecessors is the connectivity aspect of the phone.While curve 8310 was a one step ahead from curve 8300 in providing GPS; Black curve 8320 surely provides an edge over the previous models of the same series by offering Wi-Fi. It is such an important feature that alone it makes Blackberry curve 8320 a valuable smart phone. Whether it is about connecting to some virtual private network or sharing the updates with friends and family through IM while sitting at your favorite cafe, this Wi-Fi feature allows you to connect through any WAP.Another differentiating feature in the new Black curve 8320 is a slight change in the QWERTY keyboard outlook that makes it easier for users to work on their new smart phone. Along with the addition of these important features 8320 phone comes with the core Blackberry functionality that makes B.Berry phones high class smart phones. The smart phone is beautiful in design like the previous sets in the curve series and comes in Titanium and pale golden color with a display of 2.5″ which can be set to beautiful wallpapers. It offers same trackball navigation system for easy navigation and the keys that can be set for quick and easy access to other applications.Built in Blackberry OS and using the same 32 bit Intel 312 MHz processor; 8320 has 64MB internal memory and a micro SD slot to expand memory. Other features include email with attached document view, SMS, MMS, IM, 2 megapixel camera and Java based games which makes Blackberry curve 8320 an equal attraction for both common and business user.

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