PCNTDA – The Real Estate Catalyst For Pimpri Chinchwad

The Pimpri Chinchwad New Township Development Authority (PCNTDA), popularly known as Pradhikaran, has been a major catalyst in the planned development of Pune’s burgeoning PCMC area, transforming this once exclusively industrial zone into one of the hottest destinations for those buying property in Pune – and indeed in the country.Over the last three decades several thousand acres of land have been acquired, developed, zoned, brought into the jurisdiction of the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) and PCNTDA and made available for residential and commercial purposes. The result has bee a paradigm shift in how the real estate market sees properties for sale in Pune. It can safely be stated that, in terms of the Pune property market, the Pimpri Chinchwad map will never look the same again.Under the leadership of capable and committed IAS officers, the development of this fertile Pune real estate Mecca spans the entire gamut of activities. These include multi-lanes roads (including the Spine Road), strategically located fly-overs, public parks and urban forestation, residential zones including MIG and LIG Housing on a public private partnership basis, ample potable water supply and a comprehensive drainage network.Simultaneously, other service sectors have also grown rapidly, particularly schools and colleges. There are now over 25 colleges in Pimpri Chinchwad, offering graduate and post-graduate education in virtually every discipline – healthcare, retail, entertainment, banking and financial services and public transport.The International Convention CenterThese developments have attracted some of the world’s largest companies from the automobile, IT and engineering sectors. It will also become the home of one of India’s largest International Convention Centers (on a 200-acre plot at Moshi, just off the Pune-Nashik Highway.)The governing authorities’ vision for the ICC includes the intention of holding the international auto exhibition that will take place in India in 2012 there. Accordingly, a hall admeasuring 100,000 square feet is being developed – this hall will equal (if not rival) similar exhibition hubs in Munich, Shanghai and other major metros around the world.Cutting-Edge Residential ComplexesLeading builder-developers from the Pune property market have been quick to spot the opportunity to create ultra-modern residential complexes in this region. These complexes are being designed and executed to meet the lifestyle expectations of the cultured and cosmopolitan middle class.Another market driver is the fact that Pimpri Chinchwad now offers diverse career and business opportunities. The concept of integrated town is now increasingly coming into vogue in this growth-centric area of PCMC. The more established developers active in this region are now offering highly evolved integrated townships that offer apartments in various configurations to suit all budget levels.In fact, the most advanced of these townships features amenities such as shopping mall, multiplex, club and sports complex, school, hospital, hotel and wedding reception hall. The focus on tree plantation, play parks and podium lawns remains, with a view of preserving the serene, healthy environment that this showcase location of the PCMC area is so famous for.

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The 4 Cornerstones of A Successful Home-Based Business

The success of your home business is built on four important cornerstones,Skills – Mindset – Relationships – EnvironmentsAs you prepare for the journey ahead, set goals for yourself in each of these areas to ensure your business is built on a solid foundation and grows at an even keel.1. SkillsWhat skills do you need to develop? Do you need to learn about marketing, sales, copywriting, communicating, technology, networking, organizing, presenting, leading or prioritizing?Business leaders are master marketers and sales people. Regardless of your chosen field of endeavor, developing those two skills is absolutely critical to your success.Of course, they don’t complete the recipe. Identify other important skills you’ll need and create a plan to start acquiring them.2. MindsetWhat disempowering beliefs block you from taking action, making decisions, having confidence and giving everything you’ve got to create the success and happiness you deserve?You’re not alone if you’re fighting internal battles. Corporate executives, successful business owners and many professionals sabotage their potential to enjoy true happiness in all areas of life.These challenges affect virtually everyone regardless of gender, nationality, religion, family status, socio-economic background or financial status, and more often than not link back to experiences from our youth.How often have you sabotaged your efforts to grow beyond your wildest dreams or reach your higher vision for yourself?It could be traced back to a statement made by an authority figure or someone you loved and could have been taken out of context because of your youth, or it may have been malicious in intent, but never dealt with completely because you haven’t had the tools to do it.Mindset may be the biggest challenge to overcome, yet has the greatest impact on whether or not you achieve your goals and dreams.3. RelationshipsHow are your relationships with yourself, family, friends, co-workers, customers and others?Are you comfortable in intimate conversation or do you prefer groups? Do you have the confidence to approach a stranger and begin a conversation or do you try to become one with a nearby plant or wallpaper pattern hoping not to be noticed?Do people know they can count on you to keep your word, make appointments on time and complete tasks as promised or do you over commit and under deliver?Do people know they can trust you to keep conversations private and speak positively about them when they’re not present, or do you criticize others in conversation when they’re not there to defend themselves?Battles with a spouse, siblings, parents, kids and friends can eat up mental ram and take your focus away from business. Sometimes these battles are with someone who has passed on, yet you keep the battle raging in your mind.Positive relationships support you. Negative relationships, real or imagined create harm.4. EnvironmentsHow are your environments supporting you?Is your physical environment clear of clutter? This includes your home, office and vehicles. Are you surrounded by unhealthy foods or toxic substances? Do you have toxic people in your life who drain your energy?What about your financial environment?Can you accurately state how much cash flow you have, how much you bring in each month and how much is spent each month and on what?Can you forecast upcoming expenditures and do you have a plan to meet them?Do you know how to correctly interpret an income statement or balance sheet?You may choose to have someone take care of your bookkeeping and accounting, but as a responsible business owner, it is imperative you understand what’s going on.Your body is also an environment.Does it receive adequate fuel (sleep and healthy food) and exercise? This environment provides energy, clear thinking, stamina, and mobility. Without this vehicle, you would not have a business … or life. Do you treat it with the respect and appreciation it deserves?Do you need to learn about healthy eating, yoga, meditation, strength or stamina building exercises? Do you withhold visiting a doctor even though you’re experiencing discomfort or obvious symptoms of a health issue?Without your body, the game is over.The degree of your business (and life) success directly relates to the degree you invest in all four cornerstones.Choosing to focus only on one, two or three leads to a lop-sided result — much like a four-legged chair with a missing leg. It can’t stand on its own.In order to address these four cornerstones, you may have to read books, take courses or programs, join organizations, seek out mentors or coaches, find mastermind partners, and surround yourself with people who can provide you with what you need.If cost is an issue, start with your local library and Internet searches. You’ll find plenty of helpful resources at zero cost. Tap into the minds of brilliant entrepreneurs and industry leaders. Learn about their challenges and follow their journey to success.Contact a local business person you respect and ask if you can interview him. Most people say yes to this request because people generally like to help others.You don’t have to try to eat the whole elephant in one bite. Start simple by selecting one or two areas to focus your attention on and create an action plan that allows you to spread your efforts evenly across the four cornerstones.For example, you can start cleaning up your physical environment while checking a book out from the library on the subject of sales, marketing or improving personal relationships.Or, you can enroll in a night course at your community college on the subject of financial intelligence and volunteer for a local organization once or twice a month to start building new relationships.Your possibilities are limited only by your imagination and if you need help with that, find others to assist. Brainstorming is a powerful exercise.Focus on these four cornerstones, commit to giving necessary attention and energy to each and your business will be built on a solid foundation and capable of exponential growth.2007 © Laurie Hayes – The HBB Source

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