The Advantages to Managed Services

If you operate your own business, then you should know about what managed services can do for you.Information technology (IT) is an important part of just about any industry these days but, with its importance comes a huge trade off that many business owners experience.It isn’t unheard of for business owners to have to resort to investing in extra infrastructure at their workplaces. Things like room for additional servers, extra personnel to act as network administrators and company time and resources taken to address problems that might arise with both hardware and software are all common occurrences when it comes to expanding and maintaining an IT network within a company.The costs associated with these actions can often put startups and smaller companies at a disadvantage, as it can eat into their bottom lines to the point where having enough capital to stay competitive becomes more of an issue.By using managed services, many companies have outsourced most, if not all, of their IT needs and been able to focus their resources on keeping their companies operational while someone else takes care of things related to their crucial information technology needs.This practice of relying on contracting an outside company to handle IT needs is often referred to as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and it’s becoming an increasingly common alternative to hosting company IT needs and infrastructure on site for many businesses.Have a look at some of the typical managed services that are offered as part of IaaS to get an idea for just why this is becoming and increasingly popular trend for many companies.

Managed Server Services allow for information to be stored on servers that the company providing IaaS keeps on their property. By doing this, you can use as much or as little storage space as you need and only pay for that space that your data occupies. You don’t pay for server space that you might use like you would with on site servers.
Managed Back Up is a managed service that centralizes backup and data recovery in order to better protect and retain information that’s important your company’s continued functioning.
Managed Firewalls secure your computer networks from unauthorized access that could potentially cause harm to machines connected to the network and steal sensitive information stored on it. An advantage to outsourcing this service is that it can specially managed, monitored and updated regularly.
Managed Virtual Private Network (VPN) as a service allows multiple sites to be connected, despite the distance between them. Virtual Private Networks as managed services are ideal for a company that has satellite offices and branches, as it can be used to connect everyone for things like company wide meetings.
These are just a few of the things that companies providing IaaS are capable of. Whatever you decided to go with, outsourcing your company’s IT needs is a good step in the right direction towards increasing efficiency and productivity while keeping overhead costs lower than they would be if you hosted your network infrastructure at your own job site.By giving the responsibilities of network and hardware storage, maintenance and monitoring to someone else, you can apply your expertise to your own sector of industry while the company who specializes in addressing IT problems can apply their expertise to helping you.Running a business is hard, time consuming work. The last thing you need is an issue with your computer hardware or network causing trouble for your company to the point where you might lose a few hours of productivity and valuable company resources in dealing with it.By outsourcing your network infrastructure to someone who provides managed services, you can have peace of mind that your computer hardware and the important information on your network is safe, secure and always in good hands.

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